Our History

Holt Street Baptist Church was established in 1909 with a group of people who separated themselves from Bethel Baptist Church, Montgomery AL. The founding pastor, Rev. I. S. Fountain led the construction of the first building in 1913, located at the corner of Holt Street and Bullock. Rev. Fountain served for 13 years before relocating to Chicago, Illinois.

In the seven years from 1923 to 1930, the church called its second; Rev. P. J. Watkins, third; Rev. J. J. Chisholm and fourth; Rev. I H. Turner pastors and an interim pastor Rev. W. M. Franklin. In 1930, Rev D. A Pettus became the fifth pastor. In 1939, Dr. A. W. Wilson became the longest sitting pastor to present (50 years). The seventh pastor, Dr. A Floyd Perry served briefly from 1990 to early 1992. Since May 1992 our present pastor, Dr. Willie D. McClung has lead.

In 1998, Holt Street broke ground on, “The Village”, a new facility at 1870 South Court Street. The Village consists of the Sanctuary, which seats over 1000, an education building that houses the Child Development Center (ages 6 weeks-5), the Academy, grades K-6, the I. S. Fountain Chapel which seats 100, and the Performing Arts /Theatre that seats 120. The education wing also has 22 classrooms. The W. D. McClung Family Life Center is designed to accommodate Banquets, Graduations, Receptions, and other Social Events. To honor our rich history, Memorial was added to the name, and Holt Street Baptist Church became known as Holt Street Memorial Baptist Church.

Perhaps the best known event concerning Holt Street happened on Monday December 5, 1955 when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., newly elected President of the Montgomery Improvement Association lead 5000 people gathered at Holt Street Baptist Church for a mass meeting, sparked by the arrest of Rosa Parks for refusing to give up her seat on a bus, when the bus driver ordered her to move to the back of the bus for a white male passenger. This mass meeting launched the Montgomery Bus Boycott, that one year later ended segregation on public transportation.